The Details Are Available

This poem first appeared in print in the Spring 2018 issue of Evening Street Review. Order a copy now for 2018 delivery.

The Details Are Available

A webcam, internet address
embedded in the video,
sits feet away
from a nesting pair
of eagles in Decorah.
70,000 daily viewers,
mostly school children,
watch every move
of the mating pair
and their hatchlings,
taking particular joy
in seeing even
the young eaglets
scramble to the edge
of the nest to
eject their birdshit,
keeping their home clean
like good citizens.

According to the twitterverse
where all the details
are available,
@beemerdude votes
Republican, is tough
on immigration and
has ten tips for
avoiding excessive income
tax. He also likes
them blonde,
as you can see
from his webcam
uploads (address embedded
in the video).

dawndluvsj74, full name,
address and phone
available on Facebook,
drops her kids
(full names available)
at the East Side soccer
complex three days a week
at six. She posts
to friends she can’t
manage to pick them up
on time. She hopes
the houseplants survive
an empty house
next week while
the family is at Disney.

Copyright © 2018 Jeff Nesheim | All Rights Reserved
First appeared in Evening Street Review.

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